Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The plight of the researcher, pt. 1

I will never adjust to the dramatic temperature shifts that summer work in an office requires, methinks. It is currently almost 90 degrees out there (I don't even want to imagine what the humidity levels are; but it's certainly oppressive. This is the Midwest, after all.). In here, it's somewhere around 50. I realize we have to preserve the media. The Preservation Specialist trapped in my brain goes, "yay - low humidity and slightly chilled" but my poor goosebump covered legs are proclaiming otherwise.

I finally got around to reserving some pictoral works of Detroit history for some background research in Sebastian's story. I should be able to pick them up this afternoon and I am quite excited. Unfortunately, finding this information was significantly more difficult than the notes on Polish culture for Dosia's chapter. I find that a little odd, but I imagine the issue could be settled if I could find the time to get myself to the Bentley during research hours. They seem to have everything I need, but don't want to share any of it. *grumbles something about archivists*

Sometimes I wish that I was the type of author who could go to wikipedia for this sort of thing. Do a quick google search. Not find the answer. Make something up. But -no-...

Because that, my friends, is the way of the weak and lazy. Mine is the way of more work than strictly necessary.